Saturday, June 18, 2011


The sky is blue
such an obvious statement
but in the desert the universe
   is summed up by
   blue and not-blue.
the earth floats in a bowl of blue

My eye follows the ridge line
   trying to find any sign,
   any blur where the hills start
   to exchange their chocolate brown
   for the mantle of blue
the edge is a razor
   it is one or the other, blue or not-blue
I cannot look at that edge
   and breathe at the same time.

A scientist who says that blue is
   a certain wave length of light
   has not been to the desert
if you think my shirt is blue,
if you think her eyes are blue,
   you have not been to the desert

Anything that you can imagine
   is not-blue
my life, my body, my history
   is not-blue
I cannot conceive of blue
but there it is ….

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