Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Traffic Dreams

traffic is heavy
intersection lights controlling
   the lanes in all directions
one row of cars gets its turn
   then another

the afternoon sun is warm
   windows rolled down
I sit waiting to make my left turn
watching the screen of cars passing
   in front of me
their left turn brings them
   within a few feet of my eyes

faces pass
   stories pass
a story in each face

jaws tight or relaxed
some smiling, some sad, some singing
one head hangs out of the window
   emulating his dog
the dog is smiling and so is he

one woman turning left
   looking right, saying something
   to the man sitting next to her
this is not a happy car
 another story, then another
 last in line, a Harley-Davidson
a woman, long auburn hair streaming
   no helmet
a face at peace in this furious traffic
   an ever so slight smile
in an instant
   no, it was longer
a gasp for breath
and I fall deeply in love

            they say that just before
            you die, your life passes
            before your eyes

I see my imagined life pass
   along with that motorcycle
then the light changes
   and I drive on

1 comment:

  1. Have had similar thoughts only the red-headed stranger was different, and not a red-head. Km