Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just Listen

Just listen,
listen to the music.
fall into the silence of the un-struck notes.
turn off the tube, the whirr of the fridge.
they are eating the world.

The low hum of computer fans,
the chatter of printers borrowing into the mind,
the chirp of electronic phones.
turn them all off!

            Is it quiet yet?
            stop     breathe           listen,
            listen to the music.

The lazy buzz of a fly following
   the warmth of oak leaves
   passes into the cool breeze rustle of the shade.
the earth is moving to a
   sway of yellow notes.

The tick of a clock measuring
   out our lives
the creaking bones of the house
   as it cools, passing into
   the shade of clouds moving across the sun.

Just listen,
listen to the music.
music not defined by notes
   but by the space between them.

Down deep in there,
down into the center of the earth,
who plays that flute there?
who is that re-creating the world
            in each moment?
   maybe it is just the song that we are.

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