Friday, April 20, 2012


My eye caught a slight movement off to the left
she was about ten, curly blond hair
large blue and yellow flowers on a crisp white dress
I followed her eyes. She was looking over my shoulder
there it was, charging out of the grassy meadow
a huge brown bear at full gallop its back bristled
its roar resounded inside my chest
I stood transfixed as it passed, so close
I could feel its hot breath
on it went, swallowed by the morning mist
back in the middle of the meadow,
from where the beast had come
stood a single tree its branches
covered with the pale green buds of Spring
I slumped back into my chair
a blank sheet of paper
the pen, the ink already flowing.

1 comment:

  1. Great poem, Brian,

    It reminds me of New Mexico, where we used to see a mother bear coming down out of the woods with her cubs........

    The last bear I saw was in West Virginia on April 1st. And because of that, Bill won't believe that I had really seen a who had just awoke from a long sleep and was lean and had long arms and legs......

    He believed me the following week when we both saw the same guy crossing the path to the creek, just in front of us..............