Monday, September 2, 2013


The man on the television,
bow tie, active adam’s apple,
“It’s really quite simple,” he said,
gravitation in the space-time continuum,
he dramatically swept out his right arm and
his image retreated to the lower right corner of the screen
the screen filled with intersecting lines,
all at right angles, like graph  paper,
like the map of some prairie town.
In the center, the lines sagged, bent downward
“space is curved” he said
“and this is a gravity well” pointing at the dip in the graph.
“imagine a ball,” and a ball magically appears.
The ball slowly circled, drawn into the vortex
spiraling down

The ballroom, the parquet floor,
square laid beside square
music swirling, dancers turning
I stand fixed in the corner
across the room, through the bodies, your face
I became unpinned,
untethered, everything  undone
and my heart began to slowly circle
pulled into the gravity well of your eyes

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