Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Voices in the Dark

I was on my way out the door
but there was no door
only darkness
profound darkness
and before you think “Black Hole”
there was no swirling energy
the only word that fits
is “nothing”
nothing  to even
speak the word “nothing”
no fear, no joy, nothing
and I only know this
when the voices
those voices, what were they saying?
was that my name?
the world began to turn
the voices again
were they talking about me?
who are these people?
all I see are blue panted legs
another voice, “let’s stand him up”
“now, sit him down”
and someone pushed a chair behind me
“Oh, I have to throw up”
a white bucket, black bile
I look around, my small room
filled with EMT’s
packing up their tools
an ambulance  gurney
as I’m wheeled out the door
a fireman places
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
on my chest
how did he know I would be hungry?

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